‘That was a massacre’: Activists and victim’s family urge witnesses to call police after triple homicide


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The search continues to find the shooter in a triple murder in Kansas City, Missouri Saturday.

Police have identified the victims as 24-year-old Kanen Wheaton, 23-year-old Johnnai Owens, and 24-year-old Devon Key.

Officers were called near 27th Street and Spruce Avenue for shots in the area. While on the way, the call was upgraded to a shooting with multiple victims.

Community activists told FOX4 this is becoming all too common.

“You want a safe neighborhood?” Ron Hunt, Community Activist, said. “It starts with you.”

The emotions are raw after the triple homicide.

Three injured in bowling alley shooting Sunday night

“It’s like wow,” Hunt said. “That was a massacre. That was really a massacre.”

Owens’ family said the three were meeting up before a party when they were shot and killed.

They said Owens was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“They were only there for 10 minutes and a Black SUV drove down the street shooting 7 to 10 shots,” William King, Johnnai Owens grandpa, said.

Investigators are trying to figure out why it happened and they say they could really use the community’s help.

Hunt is urging people to pick up the phone and dial the TIPS Hotline.

“One day it could be you,” Hunt said. “One day it may be you that you want somebody to advocate. That you want somebody to get information on.”

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