Man who drowned in Myrtle Beach hotel pool unidentified 5 years later


HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – Since February 2016, the Horry County Coroner’s office and police department have been working to identify a man who drowned in a North Myrtle Beach hotel pool.

The case has run out of leads, and the coroner hopes the public can help.
For five years, the man has been known as John Doe. All the coroner’s office has is a photo.

“He was just a mystery as to how he got here and what he was doing here,” Horry County Coroner Robert Edge said.

Edge said the man had no identification on him, just the clothes he was wearing.

“Nice shorts, shirt, pair of tennis shoes, I think the shoes were beside the pool deck there,” Edge said.

His clothing is something that sticks out to officials.

“He’s dressed good, even though it was a little cold for what he had on,” Edge said. I would say that he’s used to living an upscale life, able to afford nice clothes and things like that.”

The man was found in the pool at Ocean Creek Plantation. Edge said John Doe wasn’t staying there, no one ever filed a missing person report and there were no abandoned cars found in the area.

“We can’t figure out what he’s doing there if he knew somebody there, but if he did, they didn’t report him missing,” said Edge.

Detective Ken Marcus with Horry County Police said there wasn’t a room key or anything about him to indicate who he is. There is also no indication of foul play.

This is only the third case of an unidentified body in Edge’s 30-year career as Horry County Coroner. His office is running out of ways to figure out who the man is.

“He was fingerprinted and he was run through the state system and in the FBI too no prints on file,” Edge said. “They’re doing some DNA work, but we’ve not found a match.”

Edge said there did not appear to be drug use and thinks the man could be from North Carolina. He hopes someone will recognize him and will no longer be known as John Doe.

“I know there’s some family out there who would want know where he’s at and what’s going on with him,” Edge said. “I mean, we can keep him for years and years, but I look at the other side and I know somebody’s missing him.”


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