Hundreds of Lee’s Summit students walk out of class, protest over claims of bullying


LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — Hundreds of students walked out of Lee’s Summit High School Monday morning to show their support for a fellow student.

Students carried signs to support Danny Lillis.

More than 2500 people have also signed a petition to support him. Witnesses tell FOX4 that the protest was peaceful. Students began walking out of class around 9:45 a.m. They were asked to return to class around 10:20 a.m. School administrators were monitoring the protest, just to make sure it didn’t get out of hand.

Lillis is openly gay. He said he started wearing make-up to school and then said a group of boys started bullying him and his friends at school.

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Lillis said that the bullying had been going on for awhile, but last week there was a fight between one of those boys and one of Lillis’ friends. At least three students were suspended because of the fight and missed their Senior Homecoming over the weekend.

Lillis’ mom, as well as parents of other students involved in the fight said the violence is the result of bullying not being nipped in the bud months ago.

The district said yesterday, in a statement, that it is investigating the bullying claims.

Everyone in the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District community deserves to feel safe and welcome. Harassment or discrimination in LSR7 is strictly prohibited. Although laws protecting students’ privacy prevents us from discussing the specifics of this incident, we can share that school and district administrators are conducting an investigation and taking action to ensure the safety of all students and staff. District administrators will follow Board of Education policies and procedures as we determine next steps. In LSR7, it is a top priority to endure an inclusive culture where out students, staff members and families are valued and treated with dignity.

Lee’s Summit LSR7 School District


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