Kansas City mother looking for support after 1-year-old diagnosed with deadly brain tumor


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The community is rallying behind a Kansas City 1-year-old diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.

“We went to the hospital in July where they did a MRI and EEG, at the time they told me there was nothing significant, then we did a follow -up a few weeks ago, they told me it was a cystic tumor located on her pineal gland and underdeveloped white brain matter,” said London’s mother ShaKira Evans.

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Evans said local doctors told her the tumor is inoperable and are giving the little girl 1 to 3 years to survive.

She is hopeful for advanced research and special medical care in other cities will save her daughter’s life, she just needs the money to get there.

“If I can’t get help in my city, then I just have to go somewhere else,” Evans said. “They just said, these are the symptoms. This is what could happen, is the life expectancy. That’s it. Prepare for the worst.”

Evans said the toddler suffers from frequent seizures that keep them in and out the hospital.

She first noticed something wrong with her daughter around 7-months. Her diagnosis took more than a year to confirm.

“So often we are told oh, they are just a baby, they will grow, but if your child is missing every developmental milestone, fallings so behind and even now at 2, still non-verbal,” Evans said. “We live with these children, we see them every day, when something is wrong, it’s wrong.”

Evans is asking for support as they face a long road of treatment. She’s currently in communication with the Mayo Clinic, Children’s Hospital of Michigan and St. Jude Hospital.

If you would like to help get them there click here.

“She’s one. There has to be something else. She hasn’t lived yet. Inoperable or nothing else is not enough for me. It’s not sufficient. Has to be more,” Evans said. “I don’t think a parent should ever have to plan to bury their kid because that’s what they told me to do. To prepare for that.”

Evans is also hosting a virtual benefit concert called “London’s Life” on Tuesday October 19 in hopes of raising money for medical costs and treatments.

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