Illinois residents are protesting COVIS-19 mandates


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PEORIA (WEEK)- A growing number of people opposing the vaccination and masking mandates have formed an organization called Freedom Fighters. The group advocates for those who do not wish to comply to the recent mandates.

Group members stress that they are not a anti-vaccination group but, simply oppose the mandates.

“We do protest the mandates. I just want to say we are not anti-vaccinations,” said Kristi Hickam, Freedom Fighters Founder.

“We’ve just inundated one another just with information and facts that we’re pulling up. Also now sharing that information with group members on our group page. It’s been pretty amazing, said Hickam.

Health leaders are still asking that people get vaccinated whether the mandate applies or not because the consequences can be deadly.

“Right now, a majority of our I-C-U cases, ninety-percent of them are unvaccinated individuals in this country, said Monica Hendrickson, Public Health Administrator for the city of Peoria.

The Freedom Fighters continue to grow. Helping each other by sharing information and resources to support everyone’s decision concerning their health whether they want to be fully vaccinated or not.

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