Attorney says CMS should have looked at every scenario to keep alleged student out of class and off campus


CHARLOTTE (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — The students at Olympic High protested Friday, outraged at alleged sexual assaults on campus with the accused still in class.

“Why is it taking so long,” shouted one student. “Why is it taking so long for someone to take initiative?”

One incident involves a 15-year-old male who FOX 46 is not identifying. The student is charged with second degree attempted rape, kidnapping and sexual battery. Last week we’re told he was in class and video shot by FOX 46 shows him playing in the Olympic High football game wearing an ankle monitoring device.

“One of the things that the administration would have to do is also preserve the rights of the student who was accused,” says Walter Bowers, an attorney and managing partner at Wooden, Bowers, and Vinson.

Bowers agrees with students and feels CMS may have not looked at every scenario, like virtual school.

“There are a lot of things they could have done to preserve his rights for an education and protect those other individuals who may not feel comfortable until this situation has been resolved,” added Bowers.

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“Sometimes we have to make tough decisions,” said Ericia Turner, CMS athletic director, as she spoke during a news conference. “And in this incident, we did not make the right call. We will make it clear to our coaches and athletic directors that we must uphold standards aligned with our student code of conduct.”

CMS officials also said going forward any student athlete that is arrested or charged with a criminal offense will not be allowed to participate in athletics while the charges are pending.

“This should have been the initial response,” says Bowers. “But when the community steps up and says we’re not comfortable with how this process was handled. I guess we give the school district credit for immediately responding.”

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