NC students share their gratitude after Nick Cannon helps wipe out their student debt


GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Two college graduating students will leave school with a diploma and the weight of student debt off their shoulders.

The average student with an undergraduate college degree will accumulate nearly $40,000 in student loan debt. 

Thanks to a partnered scholarship with prominent entertainer Nick Cannon, United Negro College Fund, and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, seven HBCU graduating students will leave their college campuses debt-free.

“I was so moved by your stories and the obstacles you all have overcome that I want to help you out. So, our show has partnered with some of the biggest national scholarship providers, such as the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, to grant each of you a scholarship to cover your outstanding educational loan balance. You heard me right, once you earn your college degree, we’re wiping out your personal student debt,” said Nick Cannon.

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Among the seven HBCU’s two are from the Piedmont Triad; Sharandica Midcalf is a senior graduating from Winston Salem State University, she said after all her trials and pushbacks in life, this gift is a dream come true.

“It’s actually an amazing feeling because I was told by school counselors and people all my life that I wasn’t even going to college that I didn’t have the requirements because I was homeless, just many trials and tribulations that I went through,” said Midcalf.

Christian “CDK on the mic” Kornegay is a senior who will be graduating from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, he’s not let his disabilities stop him from becoming a host to several school functions and outstanding euphonium player with the A&T marching band.

“I had trouble reading, reading comprehension is one of the areas I struggled in, and when I got to high school, I learned I had ADD, and I got on medication to pass the standardized test,” said Kornegay

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Kornegay said the gift of financial freedom will not only help him in the future but his family as well.

“I know it would be great to give back to my mother by being able to do for myself, but now Nick Cannon did for me and gave me a gift that I would have for the rest of my life, being able to not having to worry about student debt,” said Kornegay.

Midcalf said once they all graduate, the scholarship will wipe their debt clean.

Both students plan to pass the educational torch by helping other students with hurdles and adversities complete their college careers.

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