Mecklenburg County dad describes 6-year-old son who died from COVID-19 as a ‘happy baby’


CHARLOTTE (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A six-year-old Stoney Creek Elementary School student will be laid to rest Saturday.

Ethan Govan was a first grader at Stoney Creek. He died on September 19, after being hospitalized with COVID-19 for about two weeks, according to his dad.

Reginald Govan describes his son Ethan as a charmer with a contagious smile. His family members say he loved attending school.

Govan says Ethan was an overall “happy baby.” Govan smiled as he remembered his son, who he says smiled and laughed at everything.

Family identifies 6-year-old boy who died from COVID-19 complications in Mecklenburg County

He shared photos of Ethan with FOX 46 as he recalled the young boy’s lovable nature. He says Ethan never met a stranger.

The first grader never let being on a feeding tube stand in the way of his accomplishments.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools says counselors are always available to students. Stoney Creek Elementary School parents say this is a loss that hits hard.

“I’m so sorry to hear this loss was due to COVID-19,” said Parent Judy Staples.

“There’s just so much that can happen,” added Parent Jamila Wells. “This thing is just so unpredictable.”

For parents like Jamila Wells, COVID has been a lingering concern since moving here from Alaska.

“My daughter coughed at night and it put me in a spiral,” she said. “I read the school’s announcements that they had four kids exposed, then six kids exposed– but they said, ‘they didn’t come in contact with your child.’ I’m like– how do you know that?”

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She took her kids out of school for four to five days.

“That was after the second announcement,” she said. “When they said several kids had COVID, I pulled my kids out.”

Parents have been doing what they can to ensure their children abide by the rules to keep everyone safe.

“I’m not really concerned,” Staples said. “The school seems to be very on top of safety.”

“I know they’re doing their best,” added Wells. “I appreciate the teachers coming in and taking a risk, but this mama is a little bit frightened, I guess.”

FOX 46 reached out to the elementary school for comment, but never heard back.

The district says protocols are in place daily to keep schools clean, and students safe.

Ethan’s father said if it were up to him, Ethan would’ve grown up to be a ball player and loved any kind of sport.

Funeral services are scheduled for 1 p.m. October 2.

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