Landis Police stepping up visibility in October to deter crime


LANDIS, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Starting October 1, people in Landis may notice more police cars. That’s because they’ll be patrolling the town with steady blue lights for the entire month of October.

It’s an effort by Landis Public Safety to increase police visibility and deter crime.

“On typical day-to-day operations, when they’re just doing routine patrols of neighborhoods and streets, they will have them activated,” said Assistant Public Safety Director Kevin Young.

The department says the idea came from Public Safety Director Zach Lechette, who noticed other departments around the state trying out a steady blue light program. Wilmington, NC tested a blue light program in January, and afterwards, more than 4,000 people responded to a survey with their thoughts.

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“About 98% of them said that they noticed more police presence in the city,” said Young.

Landis will try out the program for all of October, then send out a survey of their own to see if it’s something they should continue. The program comes at no cost to the town, as all town police cars are already equipped with a steady blue light feature.

Landis Public Safety says if people see the steady blue lights, they do not need to pull over. But flashing blue lights still mean there is an emergency, or the officer is conducting a traffic stop.

Young says crime isn’t on the rise in the town, but it’s never a bad time to improve public safety.

“It’s just something different that we wanted to try to see what kind of response we get from the public,” he said.

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