Is it COVID-19 or fall allergies?


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Peoria (WEEK) – We have been in the autumn season for just over a week now, and for those that suffer from seasonal allergies, you can feel the change. With the feeling of sickness returning, it could propose some concerns.

Allergies and COVID can have several common symptoms. If you know you commonly suffer from allergies, you should decipher if the symptoms you are feeling are normal allergy symptoms for you, or if they may be something else.

Allergy and Immunology Doctor Penelope Ewbank from the Springfield Clinic said, “Well unfortunately there is a lot of overlap. Allergies and COVID can cause stuffy, runny nasal symptoms, and if this feels like your typical symptoms, then it probably is your fall allergies. With COVID, you’re more likely to have a fever, body aches, and just an all over not feeling well.”

Allergies will not be accompanied by a fever, so that can help you fully distinguished between COVID-19 symptoms and fall allergies.

Dr. Ewbank suggested that you should seek help from a doctor for any potential allergy, especially if you have any sort of chest pain or shortness of breath. They might be able to find a way to relieve your allergy symptoms so you can enjoy the fall season.

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