Missouri Attorney General’s mask mandate lawsuit against Kansas City moves forward


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The municipal mask mandate may expire next week, but the legal challenge against it will continue, even if it’s no longer in effect.

A recent change in Missouri law requires that any type of public health restriction be approved by the local legislative body with a vote and renewal every 30 days.

Because Kansas City has already taken that action, Mayor Quinton Lucas doesn’t believe the Attorney General’s challenge to the city’s mask order will be successful.

But Thursday morning a lawyer for AG Eric Schmiitt continued to call Kansas City’s mask order “arbitrary and capricious.”

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The AG’s lawyers say they will meet with the city’s lawyer to determine what legal issues need to be resolved before evidence is presented to a judge.

The city does not want to produce documents and other evidence that may date back to when the pandemic started, if a judge determines there’s no sound basis for the lawsuit.

Both parties are expected back in court on November 5.


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