Lincoln County judge denies parents’ request to institute school mask mandate


LINCOLNTON, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A Lincoln County judge has denied a request to institute a mask mandate in the county’s school system after a lawsuit was filed by parents over a school board decision.

The ruling, which came Thursday afternoon, cited the state of North Carolina’s language in their COVID-19 back-to-school toolkit and found that the plaintiffs in the case failed “to meet their burden of showing a clear violation of a right” in their suit.

Lincoln County Schools to go mask-optional, not all parents are on board

The lawsuit, which listed 13 children listed by initials and their parents or guardians listed as John or Jane Doe, was filed earlier this week.  The suit claimed that the Lincoln County Board of Education “deprive(d) plaintiffs of their constitutional right to a safe environment where learning can take place” after a decision earlier this month to make masks optional in classrooms throughout the district.

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That decision from the Lincoln County School board became effective Wednesday.

FOX46 has reached out to Lincoln County Schools and to the attorneys for the parents and children for a response.

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