Family members of Sept. 4 car crash victims speak out


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PEORIA (WEEK) — One woman is dead and another is still in the hospital after a car accident caused by street racing on September 4. On Wednesday, family members of those victims spoke out.

“My sister is a very loving and caring person. She didn’t deserve this. I just want justice served,” said Vince McDuffie, whose sister, Jackie, died as a result of her injuries over the weekend.

Vince McDuffie says he is in disbelief. Adding, if not for the actions of street racers earlier this month in Peoria, his sister Jackie would still be alive today.

“She was 50 years old – she was real nice. Real lovable. Everybody got along with her and she got along with everybody,” McDuffie said. “Loved music and loved to travel.”

The crash happened Saturday, Sept. 4 around 11:00 p.m. outside Sterling Plaza.

The victims’ car was in the way – not involved in the race.

Jackie, who Vince said had Down’s Syndrome, was ejected from the car – breaking her spine, both legs and suffering brain damage.

Two other people in the car were seriously injured – including the driver, who is still in hospital.

“She does not deserve to be laying in the hospital fighting,” said Michelle Smith, the driver’s daughter. “She is still not awake. They are trying to get her awake, but she’s not as this point. So we just need to keep praying.”

The day after the crash, 30-year old Darien Davis was arrested on multiple charges, including reckless driving and street racing.

Police say a second suspect is still at large. Davis was soon released on a $200 bond.

The Peoria County Circuit Clerk confirmed the State’s Attorney is reviewing Davis’s case for possible felony charges.

“He shouldn’t have been allowed to have a bond at all. Because of the fact that he could go out and hurt the next family member and they could be in hospital,” Smith said.

“We pray for my sister and tell her she’s in a better place. Keeping our spirit – trying to stay calm,” McDuffie said.

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