Biden nominee for US Attorney Dena King praised by former colleague Attorney Rob Heroy


MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — From Dena King’s first day at her first job as a lawyer, Rob Heroy was there. 

Rob and Dena started in the same class of prosecutors at the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office in 2006. Rob remembers how he loved being in court with her.

He told us it was “good having someone who grew up in Charlotte, when you’re in court she knows everyone it’s like walking around with the mayor.”

Now as a criminal defense attorney, Rob’s faced off with Dena in state and federal court, and he still praises her. 

“What I think is great about Dena is she understands both sides of the equation, you’ve got someone who’s got a family, whatever they did is the worst moment of the worst day of their life, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the person as a whole.”

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Rob says Dena is a devoted public servant who has put in the work and more than prepared to be the US Attorney.

“She will approach the job as someone who can see problems that need to be dealt with. We got gun violence all over the place in Charlotte, we got violent crime rates that are spiraling, she also can handle by saying maybe answer isn’t putting away for 15-20 years, maybe there’s an alternative to get them back with their families and to make sure punishment is commensurate with the crime.”

Now that Dena’s been nominated, the next step is a Senate confirmation hearing. We asked Rob how he thinks Dena will hold up. 

“If they could find any dirt on Dena I’d be amazed, I expect it’ll sail through.”

For the people of North Carolina, Rob is hoping he’s right.

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