Metro stroke patient’s first word ‘Chiefs’ is also team credited with saving his life


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Louie Brewer may not be alive today if not for a record-setting performance by Tyreek Hill and the Kansas City Chiefs on November 29, 2020.

Monday night the stroke patient and giant Chiefs fan showed his love for the team in his own way.

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It was a performance for the ages, more than 200 yards receiving in the first quarter alone, three touchdowns for Tyreek Hill.

But while Kansas City celebrated last season’s matchup between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes they actually remember fondly, a group of local bounty hunters grew concerned.

“If you know Louie not to get a text when the “Cheetah,” Tyreek Hill, does something like that was not the norm out of character,” Rodney Jarrett said.

Louie Brewer had already missed work and when they couldn’t reach him, the team of bounty hunters used their skills to get into his home and see if was okay. But they found him in bad shape.

“He’s alive though, he’s alive, call 911,” Jarrett said on a video recording their discovery of Brewer inside.

“It was hard to see him like that, I actually thought I was walking in on a deceased party,” Jarrett said.

Doctors said it had been days since Brewer suffered a stroke and he likely wouldn’t have lived without medical care much longer.

Rodney and Anjela Jarrett became his guardians as Brewer moved from one medical facility to another and lost the ability to speak.

“He would acknowledge you, shake his head if you ask him questions and things like that but he just wouldn’t speak anymore,” Anjela Jarrett said.

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Then Monday night they went to visit him at a new skilled nursing facility, Promise, in Overland Park. They brought up the one thing that seems to put a spark in his eyes.

“I said Louie did you watch the game and he shook his head yes and I asked him who won and he incorrectly answered ‘the Chiefs’ and our mouths fell open I’m like did he just say the Chiefs and I immediately went live,” Jarrett said.

“Yo, he said the Chiefs, so shout out to Louie for speaking today. Mad props to Louie,” Jarrett said in a Facebook Live video.

He’d end the video with a nod to the team’s impact 10 months ago and today.

“Any Chiefs player sees this you had a part in saving his life, I’m pleading with you come see him, make him smile.”

Even if they didn’t actually get a win on the field, still a giant victory in one stroke patient’s recovery.

“I appreciate everything the Chiefs have meant to him and that he kept the love in his heart and I actually think it’s helping him forward, no matter what the outcome is we’ll always know in our hearts that this helped him through it,” Jarrett said.

Brewer can’t leave the facility where he’s being treated now but as soon as he’s able Jarrett said he’ll bring him to Arrowhead Stadium or wherever he wants to go.


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