Man on moped chases 14-year-old NC girl home from bus stop


GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A North Carolina family is warning parents to keep a close eye on their children after a man chased their daughter home from a bus stop.

Dasyni McCray was waiting for her brother to get off the school bus on Friday at a stop near their house.  

She normally waits with her mom, but this time she went by herself.

“No cars were coming, no buses or anything, and that’s when a man was just riding his moped, but when he was riding it, he was just staring at me,” Dasyni said.

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She watched him ride down the road then turn around.

“Something just told me I should start running, and I did, and he started chasing me,” Dasyni said.

She sprinted back to her house as the man followed her to the corner. She said he turned around when he saw she was running inside.

“When she came in screaming, ain’t nothing else really matter. It was the fact that my daughter was in trouble,” said Joe McCray, Dasyni’s father. “I had to get to him. But when I did get to him, he saw me and took off on his moped.”

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He called the Greensboro Police Department. A search around the neighborhood to see if the man on the moped was still in the area was unsuccessful.

“My child is 14, but I mean what if somebody has a 10-year-old that’s not aware of their surroundings,” McCray said.

Dasyni, her friends and her siblings are staying close to home now, only playing outside in the cul-de-sac and not near the main road. She advises other kids to keep their eyes open and stay off their phones when they are alone.

“When I was running, I wasn’t thinking anything. But when I got in the house, I was scared, but I was happy at the same time that I made it home safe,” Dasyni said.


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