‘Enormously grateful’ – NC family thrilled after firefighters rescue runaway puppy


CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – Chapel Hill firefighters said they were in the right place at the right time to corral a runaway puppy and reunite her with her family.

David and Pamela Ransohoff said their 8-month-old English Setter, Madeleine, bolted from their home near Meadowmont Village. She ran toward Raleigh Road during a lunchtime rush, a news release from the Town said.

Chapel Hill Fire Captain Patrick Spencer, Master Firefighter Bradley Hoover, and Firefighter Luis Velazquez were on their way back to Station Two when they saw Madeleine run across West Barbee Chapel Road at the intersection with Raleigh Road.

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“She didn’t seem to understand the danger, so we stopped the truck and went over to her. She came right to us and we found her family’s name and number on her collar,” Spencer said in the news release. “Luis sacrificed a newly-purchased bottle of water to give her a drink and Bradley held onto her while I called her folks.”

The firefighters put Madeleine in the truck and drove back to her home. The Ransohoff family was grateful to see her, the release said.

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The family wrote a letter to Town Manager Maurice Jones. In it, they said their family would have been devastated if Madeleine had been hit by a car. They called her “rambunctious” and an important part of their family, according to the release.

“I asked if I could thank and commend them to someone. They said, ‘this is just part of our job!’” David Ransohoff wrote, per the release. “Without them, it is quite likely that Madeleine could have been injured or killed. I am writing to you, as town manager, to say how enormously grateful we are that they happened to be nearby when this happened, and for what they did when they found her.”

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