Longtime Charlotte Knights dancing usher has become a fan favorite


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Giving people reasons to cheer. A longtime usher at the Charlotte Knights games has become a fan favorite and if you’re lucky enough to sit in his section you’ll see why.

“It’s a beautiful thing if people could see what I see,” said Jim Kobos.

There’s always that one hit, one play, or one game that starts a lifelong love of baseball.

“The thing I get every spring is walking into the park and there’s that smell. the fresh grass smells just like my yard, but there’s even a smell to it,” said Jim.

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For the last seven years, Jim has been in charge of Sections 117 and 118 at the Charlotte Knights Games.

While there’s plenty to watch on the field, those in Jim’s section are likely looking at him.

“Dermatology class has break-out sessions. Happy hip hop songs are glad wrap,” smiled Jim.

Every game, Jim brings a bag full of homemade signs. He says he’s been making them for years. They often have “dad jokes” on them.

“Cashiers are always checking me out,” laughed Jim, holding up his sign.

Every inning, Jim walks up and down the section to dance and hold up a sign. He’s known all over the ballpark for his dance moves.

“How can you not like the guy?” said Tony Citro, who’s been sitting in Jim’s section since 2014. “He’s always smiling, he has great energy.”

Tony said, there are people who change their seats just so they can watch the ball game in Jim’s section.

“He’s what we need more of in this world, good people like Jim,” said Tony.

While there are plenty of important traditions in baseball, Jim has one of his own. Every game, thanks to a season ticket holder, Jim finds a kid and gives him a memorial bat.

“I feel like Santa Clause,” laughed Jim.

Jim said he’s a baseball guy. His love of the game isn’t going away any time soon, but he may be.

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“I just deal with it,” said Jim. “It’s not something anybody has ever asked before.”

Jim said the 2021 season is likely his last. His hours at his day job are changing and it’s gotten too painful to take all the steps during the games.

“If I’m up and down those steps so much, I will get 3-4 hours sleep the next night at most,” said Jim.

There’s a reason why baseball is ‘America’s favorite pastime.’

“When you can do something to put a smile on someone’s face or in their heart, there’s really not a better feeling,” said Jim. Its’ because it’s a sport that’s inherently human. There are wins. There are losses, but when looking at everything with love, it all becomes worthwhile.

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