Missouri AG advocates for Blue Springs restaurant fighting Jackson County mask mandate


BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed a legal brief in support of Rae’s Cafe in Blue Springs.

Schmitt is not a part of the lawsuit between the cafe’s owner and Jackson County over county mask requirements. Instead he filed what is called an amicus brief. It allows Schmitt to show his support for the cafe in the eyes of the court.

The brief argues that since Rae’s Cafe is now Rae’s Private Club, the business is in compliance with the county’s mask mandate. It also alleges that Jackson County violated the owner’s rights.

“This is yet another example of government bureaucrats attempting to exert the power that they have obtained, aggregated, and maintained by stoking fear throughout the pandemic. Exerting that power to shut down a private business is especially disturbing,” Attorney General Schmitt said.

Schmitt visited the café last weekend to show his support for the business.

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A Jackson County judge granted a temporary restraining order and shut down Rae’s Cafe on Sept. 10. The order came a day after Jackson County deputies and the health department ordered the cafe to close due to repeated violations. Rae’s Cafe defied that order and opened anyway.

Rae’s Café’s business license was suspended earlier this month for violating the mandate after customers of the restaurant reported violations of the county’s mask order to the health department, which prompted the investigation.

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Jackson County and Rae’s Cafe are scheduled to be in a Jackson County courtroom Wednesday morning for a hearing on the temporary restraining order.


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