Kearney Coach charged 5 months after district placed him on leave


KEARNEY, Mo. — Clay County prosecutors charged a Kearney coach with sexual misconduct, months after he was placed on paid leave by the school district.

Bryant Hummel teaches math at Kearney High School and is also a football and wrestling coach.

The district says it’s aware of the charges filed, and that the employee has been kept off district property.

“The safety of students is always our top priority. KSD takes all student concerns and allegations seriously, investigates them pursuant to district policies, and fully cooperates with state agencies and law enforcement,” the Kearney School District said in a statement.

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Kearney School District said it was made aware of the allegation in April. At that time the school district said state agencies and law enforcement was investigating the situation. The district said that it cannot provide further details about the case because of federal and state laws.

Hummel is expected to be back in court on October 25.


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