‘Enough is enough’ says Peoria’s police chief after night of deadly gun violence


PEORIA (WEEK) – Dozens of city leaders joined Peoria’s new police chief Tuesday in declaring gun violence of the last 24 hours unacceptable, and pleading with the public to help stop it.

“We stand together in solidarity and send a message to those responsible for inciting violence and actions in our city, that enough is enough,” said Police Chief Eric Echevarria.  

Police said they responded to 10 ShotSpotter alerts Monday night and early Tuesday morning, including the deadly shooting of Martez Robertson, 19, who was shot and killed at the Stop N’ Save near Wayne and NE Jefferson.

Police said they have found the suspect vehicle and have several people of interest in custody for the killing, while a woman who was wounded in a separate shooting Monday night on West Ann Street remained in critical condition.

“We will not stand for this chaos in our community,” said Echevarria.

The chief is pleading for people to come forward with information.

“They know where the guns are coming from, they know where the ammunition is,” Echevarria said.

“We know there are witnesses out there,” the chief said.  

“The police can’t do this alone.  You are our eyes and ears. we are partners in this. and we need you,” he added.  

Mayor Rita Ali is asking parents to utilize community resources to help resolve any conflicts or anger in a non-violent way.

Police said they don’t know if any of the shootings are related to violence that happened Friday at Peoria High School.

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