CAPK Food Bank feeds tens of thousands across Kern County


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Over 4.3 billion meals are provided every year by the Feeding America network. These meals feed 40 million people. 12 million of whom are children and 7 million are seniors.

CAPK has been battling against food insecurity since the 60’s.

The nonprofit has multiple programs including one to promote healthy eating. But its most impactful initiative is its food bank program which feeds tens of thousands every month.

“We take food that we pull through our contracts with the USDA feeding America and a host of other partners of grocery stores and we pull that food and distribute it across Kern County into every neighborhood in every community in Kern,” James Burger the outreach and advocacy coordinator at CAPK said.

Burger said on average CAPK feeds 43,000 people every month. During 2020, millions of pounds of food were distributed.

“33 million pounds of food during COVID 2020 relief,” Carrie Farwell the program administer CAPK Food Bank said.

Farwell said the millions of pounds of food are organized, sorted and distributed mostly by volunteers.

“At each of our 150 distributions across Kern county they are fully operational with volunteers,” Farwell said. “Without them we would not be able to distribute the amount of food that we do.”

The food is available to anyone regardless of living situation, income or location across Kern.

“For food we have plenty of food,” Albert Garza the agency relations coordinator at CAPK Food Bank said. “If someone were to call 211 in need of food they could get food any day of the week here.”

But even with all the food, hands are still needed to get the food where it belongs.

“The one thing we really need help with is volunteers,” Garza said. “If any companies or organizations want to do company day they can build boxes for seniors. Here in the warehouse, we need 15 to 20 in the warehouse on a daily basis. We also need help with clerical.”

If you’re interested in volunteering you can call (661) 398-4520 and help thousands across Kern.

Or if you’re someone in need of food you call 211 for help.


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