South Carolina’s eviction process is in full swing with moratorium lifted


YORK COUNTY, SC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — For the first foray into South Carolina’s eviction process since the moratorium was lifted on August 26, 2021, FOX 46 headed to Rock Hill – the Catawba Ebenezer Magistrate Court.

While many issues between landlords and tenants since the moratorium was lifted appear to be the same – we got some new insight on the terrible position some tenants face – how do you pay off the landlord you owe rent to and still have money to pay rent on a new home?

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Pamela Hall lost her job and lost custody of her kids during the pandemic and now this single mom is about to lose her home. She told Judge Rhodes she’s been looking but in order to find a new place, she has to pay off the one she’s being evicted from. She owes approximately two months’ rent.

Pamela’s landlord has tried to work with her and is still trying to help her out of this vicious cycle of paying one home off to rent another. In court, Mr. Gray, acknowledged “people are having trouble finding a place because they owe where they’re at” and that he has “been trying to help her get something lined up.”

 Pamela told us and the judge that the landlord has been patient with her since she lost her job as a home health care aide. 

 Although she’s now working two nursing home jobs, got her nursing assistant certificate, and has custody of her youngest son….. 

 “My concern is my child that’s my concern. Him having a roof over his head…..with teenage boys they won’t let you in a shelter.” Adding, “it’s hard but as a mamma I gotta do what I gotta do.”

 What she’s been doing is working 18 hours a day – all with a smile hidden behind a mask. “I like taking care of people; feeling appreciated – getting up going to work seeing people helped me get through a lot.”  

After much deliberation, the Judge ordered Pamela’s eviction for September 30, 2021. 

For resources on South Carolina’s eviction process go to and


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