Residents Question Locked Pedestrian Gates in Taft Homes Apartments


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PEORIA (WEEK)- One year after the death of sixty-one-year-old, Hazel Turner, residents still caution that locks on the front pedestrian gates could be hazardous. Although first responders determined the locked gate did not result in Turner’s death residents still disagree.  

Residents are not comfortable with the gates being locked after the alleged connection to a resident seeking emergency car care. 

“Our gates have been locked for about a year and a half. The gates first got locked, when a lady died. They said they were going to unlock the gates, which was only one gate where the lady’s entrance was, but the other gates remain locked.” said current resident, Direena Gardner.  

She says “I did think about just trying on my own to find an apartment or something, or even if I have to take my family to a hotel. I’m willing to do that but, I just don’t know at this point.”  

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) works to protect individual basic rights and advocate that the locks aren’t in violation. Kristen Meierkord, President of the Peoria ACLU chapter, said “I feel it’s a huge safety hazard just because last summer we had a woman pass away when they had locked the gates, that is the only gate they have unlocked, the rest of these gates are unlocked” 

The ACLU has taken an interest in the rebuild of Taft Home Apartments. The organization is committed to advocating on behalf of current residents. “As it’s going through its rebuilding process, we are keeping a very close eye on what’s happening here” says Meierkord. 

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