New senior living community one of more than 30 proposals for new developments in Charlotte


CHARLOTTE (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Monday night, city leaders will consider several proposals for new developments in the Queen City. The council has more than 30 petitions up for approval.

All of the projects being brought to the council for a vote have already gone through a long process to get there. Many of the developers have spent the last four to six months getting their plans looked over by the city’s zoning committee. From there, they needed community input from the neighbors who live near the potential development.

The Clover Group requested a piece of land, near the corner of Erwin Road and Steele Creek Road, get re-zoned from single family residential to multi-family residential. The Clover Soup wants to build a 119-unit senior living facility. This petition was a close vote of 4-3 in the zoning committee.

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“I was of the minority opinion. But that’s primarily where the concern lies, we know that there is a need for that type of housing in that area. But with the density, increased density, and already the traffic congestion concerns with the neighborhood and the overall infrastructure concerns, I couldn’t support a petition like this without some alleviation of those,” Keba Samuel, Chairperson of the Zoning Committee, said.

A neighbor in the area, Heather, said she wasn’t opposed, but was concerned about increased traffic.

“I mean, usually, apartment buildings, you just kind of don’t know what kind of neighbors you’re going to get. With a Senior Living Center, they pretty much keep to themselves. They stay there. I think it’s great. I have no problems with it,” said Heather, Neighbor in Steele Creek.

The city staff also did not recommended approval of this petition. The Clover Group’s petition ended up getting deferred until October 18.

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