Major Uptown renovations begin on N. Tryon St. to fix persistent flood issues


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – There are some things you can count on in life.

The sun rising in the morning and setting in the evening.

And if it rains hard enough in Charlotte, North Tryon Street is flooding.

“It’s dirty,” said Ryan Memolo.

“Whenever it rains, it’s like a pond really, you could probably go fishing in it. It’s insane,” said Steve Adorno.

For people living in the Lockwood Neighborhood, the flooding off of North Tryon Street, near 15th and 16th is something they’ve dealt with for years.

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“Unfortunately, there isn’t any warning until you get there,” said Steve.  “So, everyone does the whole dance of the U-turn and cutting through here.”

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Steve’s lived in the Lockwood Neighborhood for a few years. He’s always avoided North Tryon Street when it rains, but finally, things are changing.

“I mean, hallelujah. It’s been too long,” said Steve.

A storm drainage project is starting on September 23rd. Crews will be working on several things, including fixing the storm drainage system.  North Tryon will be shut down from 15th to 16th streets through October 5th.

However, people in the area don’t mind.

“Yeah, very surprised,” said Ryan, when he learned of the project. “Pleasantly surprised.”

For Steve, he said that it’s about time.

“(City officials) are paying a lot of attention to the South side, I’m happy to see the North side get a little bit of those government dollars,” said Steve.


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