Billion-Dollar Business: South End sports cards trading shop opens


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A $20 billion business is being brought to the Queen City in a way Charlotte has never seen.

That business, being sports cards.

A new sports card trading specialty shop is coming to Park Avenue in Southend.  It’s a one-stop shop for all your sports card trading needs. 

It’s called “One Stop Sports,” and it’s opening this weekend.

They may be small pieces of cardboard to some, but to others, they’re an investment.

“I’ve been collecting since I was five like a lot of kids,” said One Stop Sports Co-Owner Brent Schepel.  “This is my favorite card of Matthew Stafford,” he said, as he took it out of the glass casing.

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“Banking and stocks are investible assets,” said One Stop Sports Co-Owner Michael Martin.  “Just as much as cards are.”

Sportscard trading has become a business that’s booming.

“When COVID hit, there was a need for people to want to do something,” said Martin.

That booming sports card trading business is now being brought here to the heart of the Queen City.

“Charlotte is one of the fastest-growing cities and this is one of the fastest-growing industries,” said Martin.  “The fact there hasn’t been something here is just crazy and we are here to support the community.”

One Stop Sports will be a place for all your sports card needs to be met, all in one place.

“It has worked successfully virtually,” said Martin.  “But people want to get in the shop and trade, shake hands and see their local community hone in on this hobby.”

It’s an industry worth billions of dollars.  Now, buying, selling and trading sports cards has never been easier.

“It never gets old,” Martin said.  “It’s pretty incredible.  They want a card shop in Southend, and we are bringing it to them.”

“We are really trying to bring something special and unique that hasn’t been done in the card industry,” added Schepel.

With cards ranging from one dollar to $100,000, the shop offers an inviting atmosphere for sports enthusiasts rummaging for something rare.

“We have a $100,000 card on showcase of a player that’s played one year in the NBA,” said Martin.

People can come in and talk sports, participate in podcasts, watch games, and simply just hang around other sports enthusiasts.

Whether you’re setting out to invest a little or a lot, there’s something here for everyone looking to hit that home run.

“There’s going to be a collector who walks through this door and wants to pay $100,000 for a piece of cardboard,” said Martin.

The grand opening is this Saturday, from noon until four.

The shop is located at 115 East Park Avenue.

One Stop Sports will be open from 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday, and 11 am to 4 pm Saturday and Sunday.

You can visit their website at


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