‘Fitness party bus’ takes workouts beyond the gym in Kansas City


People have mistaken Hailee Bland-Walsh’s new fitness truck as a party bus. In a way, it is.

“We’re like, ‘It’s a fitness party bus. That’s exactly what it is,’” said Fit Truk co-founder Bland-Walsh, who also owns Kansas City-based City Gym. “It has this edgy, cool, fun outside-the-box feeling that’s different than just going into the gym and getting a class or doing a workout.”

The converted ambulance is gray with lime green accents and features two flat screen LED displays, a solar panel system, weather-proof sound system and app-controlled LED lights to set the mood for outdoor workouts.

A variety of strength-training equipment is attached to the exterior and includes dip bars, a squat rack, a commercial cable station, pull-up bars and more.

Small group classes are led by a certified personal trainer, and workouts can be modified based on an individual’s fitness level and experience. Co-founders Josh Guffey and Bland-Walsh already are building out a franchise model.

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