Chiefs fans happy to cheer on their team no matter where they are


For the Chiefs first away game this year, they had a match up against the Baltimore Ravens.

Fans at Tanner’s Bar and Grill had their eyes glued to the screen.

FOX4 talked to some fand before the game about their expectations of the team.

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“If they win, I’m going to be ecstatic,” James Toms, Chiefs Fan, said. “I feel like this is the year we can go 16 and 0.”

Tension was high at Tanner’s Bar and Grill in Kansas City, KS because the Chiefs had a big away game against the Baltimore Ravens.

“I’m cautiously optimistic because last week we thought the Browns was going to be sort of an easy win, but they came out and the first half was really rough,” Toms said.

Before the game started fans were expecting a win.

“Have you seen our team?” Monica Portley, Chiefs Fan, said. “I know we struggled with the super bowl but besides that, I mean look at Kelce, Mahomes. We’re ready.”

 “I mean we got Mahomes,” Hunter Hiegert, Chiefs Fan, said. “You got Tyriq. Plus, we’re 4 and 0 against the Ravens… guaranteed. “

The main topic of discussion Sunday night was Patrick Mahomes versus Lamar Jackson

“He’s washed up,” Hiegert said. “Every defense has figured him out by now. We’re not worried. We got Mahomes we’ll be set.”

“It’s going to be an interesting matchup, but I think we can hold him,” Portley said.

Some fans said they are happy a good matchup like this is happening at the beginning of the season instead of later on this year.

“It’ll like hopefully like leave that commentary where people are like the Chiefs haven’t established themselves yet because it’s not like the Ravens are a bad team,” said Toms.

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