140 pets adopted during annual “Clear The Shelters” drive


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Many Kern families have new members this Saturday as the Bakersfield Animal Care Center hosted its annual “Clear the Shelters” adoption event.

140 pets adopted over the month of the adoption drive.

50 of them were adopted today during the Clear the Shelter event.

The event began at eight Saturday morning with dozens of eager soon to be pet parents in a line that wrapped around the building. All of the people here for the same thing. To bring a loving dog or cat into their home.

“I’m trying to find a dog to love,” Chuck Strole a pet adopter said.

“We’re looking for a dog, hopefully something around two years or something in that range,” Teena Carlile another pet adopter said.

But it wasn’t just dogs people were after. Cats and lots of them.
Some people even adopted multiple.

The annual adoption event provides people the opportunity to get a pet with the fees waived.

“My dad used to be the owner of North Bakersfield Toyota and Bill Wright Toyota and it was something that was very important to him,” Staci Downs the President of Steve Downs Melanoma Foundation said. “He would pay for all the adoption fees and it brought him so much joy to clear the animal shelter.”

Steve Downs passed away and his daughter Staci Downs continued to spread her dad’s love.

“We’ll be able to contribute 5,000 today towards clearing the animal shelter,” Staci Downs said.

The money provided by the foundation will be used for essentials at the Center.

“This is a straight donation that helps us purchase supplies and medical equipment and other things for our animals here and we couldn’t be more grateful,” Julie Johnson the President of the Bakersfield Animal Care Center said.

People came out of the shelter not only with pets but instead with a new member of the family.

“I’m excited, I have a name for her already, Charlie,” Strole said.

“It’s been 15 years since we had a dog,” Julius Rodgers a pet adopter said. “The girl dog right here, her name is going to be Rosebud.”

More animals are available for adoption at the Bakersfield Animal Care Center. You can reach them at (661) 326-3436.


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