Exclusive video shows investigators bust stolen goods operation at Harrisburg home


HARRISBURG, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Deputies raided a Harrisburg home Friday busting up a massive stolen goods operation, which the sheriff says could total in excess of $250,000 worth of items.

FOX 46 broke the story and captured exclusive video of investigators loading up U-Haul trucks full of items on Valhalla Drive in the Valhalla neighborhood.

Investigators arrested four people and they expect more charges and more arrests. The sheriff says they even arrested someone on the spot for delivering stolen goods here.

It looks a lot like moving day

“You name it, it’s in that house,” said Cabarrus County Sheriff Van Shaw.

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Deputies say people were moving stolen goods at the home.

“Everyday, every other day, sometimes cars would come and back in just a little strange,” said Mitchell Boyd, a neighbor.

Looking back, Boyd thinks it was odd.

“A little concerning when we first saw all of the police. We were worried that maybe it was a drug raid,” said Boyd.

But it would turn out to be something way different.

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“We know that a lot of individuals are coming to the residence and shopping and it was set up much like a store inside,” said Shaw.

It was a bit more than a pop-up shop. Fox 46 capturing exclusive video of investigators hauling out tiki torches and carts of laundry detergent.

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“This is the most significant stolen property operation I’ve seen in Cabarrus County,” said Shaw.

The sheriff says people ran the operation out of this home in Harrisburg.

“Really we’re talking about everything from major manufacturer tools, like DEWALT, all the way down to bags of dog food, baby formula,” said Shaw.

Big retailers like Target, Home Depot and Lowe’s are all involved in this investigation.

The sheriff says some of the stolen items were sold online at places like Amazon and eBay.

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“I would never have imagined, it’s hard to believe you could fit that much merchandise in that house,” said Boyd.

He’s glad to see the operation is gone.

“Relieved, just because a quiet neighborhood. We don’t want that kind of business going on here,” said Boyd.

Investigators say they filled up three U-Hauls worth of stolen goods. They’re taking those back to the sheriff’s office and doing inventory to get a final count of just how much all of the items are worth and which big retailers are the victims.

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