Enhanced security ahead of ‘Justice for J6’ rallies Saturday in DC, Charlotte, and beyond


WASHINGTON, D.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Fencing once again surround the US Capitol as law enforcement has bolster security ahead of Saturday’s planned “Justice for J6” rally.

Capitol Police say they’ve received information on the threat of violence at the rally, which will call for justice for those arrested for their roles in the January 6th riots at the Capitol.

“For the last 8 months the leadership of the US Capitol police department has been preparing, working to ensure that we don’t have a repeat of Jan. 6,” said Capitol Police Acting Assistant Chief Sean Gallagher.

But rally organizers, the group Look Ahead America, promise it will be peaceful.

Similar rallies are also planned in several cities across the country, including Charlotte.

“It’s a picket, really,” said Erin LeCroy, one of the local organizers, “it’s just a few of us.”

CMPD says they are aware of the planned rally in Charlotte.

Organizers of the D.C. rally expect several hundred people to be in attendance.

But Prof. Darren Linvill, who studies online disinformation at Clemson University, says there isn’t much chatter online about the rally.

“The fringe right really isn’t talking about J6 really other than to call it a set up,” Linvill said.

“I haven’t seen anything suggesting that the Proud Boys or any other group is a part of it.”

The Proud Boys are the far right group that investigators say played a big role in the violence on January 6th.

Their alleged leader in North Carolina, Charles Donohoe, is the only state resident still behind bars and awaiting trial.

A dozen other North Carolina residents have either been released on bond or already pleaded guilty.

“One thing you definitely don’t see is people saying they’re actually going to attend the event,” Linvill said.

One group that will be there is law enforcement.

Along with the National Guard on standby in case a hostile situation arises.

“Our officers are ready,” Gallagher said.

Capitol Police do not expect any lawmakers to attend the rally.

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