CLT Checklist: ‘Candlelight Concert Series’ makes its debut in Charlotte


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Candlelight makes the harmony complete for an act making its debut in the Queen City. Fever Up is now hosting what’s known as the “Candlelight Concert Series,” with soundtracks from Disney and even some well-known anime.

Ray came out for a date night with his fiancé and he shared his experience with FOX 46’s Lexus Wilson.

“They really captured the essence of the music. I’m thrilled to pieces,” Ray said.

Live musicians serenade the crowd with popular soundtracks and classical compositions taking you down memory lane.

“There were several songs that we loved that popped off. We both got a little too into it. Blue bird from Naruto is a classic and a favorite of mine. Seeing how I grew up with the show and now I’m able to enjoy it as an adult” Ray said.

The shows are open to all ages and a love for anime has no age limit. Ray said, “I know for a fact my boys would have loved it. This was the best experience so far this month.”

Guidelines are put in place for everyone’s enjoyment.

“I could not be any more impressed with the venue and the setup. I am still enjoying the 6 feet of separation. I love being out and meeting new people and new things. So this definitely checked all the boxes for me while keeping safety enforced” Ray said.

These shows will be available at various locations in south Charlotte until November 2021.

You can purchase tickets by clicking here.

When you decide to see the Candlelight Concert Series, be sure to email your pictures and videos to and be sure to use the hashtag #CLTChecklist on social media!


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