Johnson County school district receives cease and desist letter over mask and quarantine policies


GARDNER, Kan. – A Johnson County law firm recently sent a cease and desist letter to the Gardner-Edgerton School District over its mask and quarantine policies.

Parents with the district continue to raise concerns to district officials over its quarantine policy. Parents are concerned children are going to spend more time in quarantine then in the classroom.

Gardner-Edgerton parents have questions about quarantine for middle-schoolers

Sarah Clark-Williams has two children, one in middle school and another in high school within the district. So far this year, they’ve had to quarantine twice.

“This round we determined that we were going to send our healthy kids back to school,” she said. “So on Monday I took them both to school.”

According to Clark-Williams, she faced difficulty with the district when she visited Trail Ridge on Monday. Even going as far as calling the county sheriff.

“A district administrator arrived at the school and called my child back out of class and I let that person know that there was no order quarantining my child from a judge,” Clark-Williams said. “And that she has a right to get her education.”

She said during that time her high schooler was also being told to leave.

“I said they put you out the high school and he said yes,” she said.

The mask and quarantine policy has ruffled many feathers in the district.

On Monday night’s board meeting, several parents spoke against the district.

“He stayed home,” one parent, Nick Robinson said. “No symptoms, no illness and received no education and this is the board’s fault, this is your policy.”

The school district was issued a cease and desist request by the Kriegshauser Ney Law Group against its policies.

Gardner-Edgerton parents fighting to get students back to in-person learning

When FOX4 called the district about it Wednesday we got an email response from the spokesperson Ben Boothe saying it’s legal counsel is looking it over.

Katie Williams son is in the first grade. While many disagree with her, she supports the policies in place.

“My son has a genetic disease, it’s life threatening,” she said. “He has cystic fibrosis. I find it really offensive that these parents are saying because they need to wear a mask on their face that their children are being discriminated against.

While Clark-Williams is not involved with the case and desist letter sent to the school.

“I’m looking at every option I have and that includes legal action.”


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