Woman who gave birth at 62 seeks to inspire others


WATERLOO, Ill. (KTVI) — One of the country’s oldest women to give birth wants to inspire other women struggling with infertility later in life. 

Kathy Blattner’s story was first featured by KTVI in November when she was pregnant. Her older daughter, Sarah Utz, was also pregnant at the same time. Both delivered baby girls about six months ago and only weeks apart. 

“How wonderful. I get to have a baby and I’m 62,” Blattner said at the time.

What’s also unique is that Blattner can’t conceive. So a few years ago, Utz donated her eggs. 

“It’s like a movie,” Utz said. “But I wouldn’t want to be in a different movie.”

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Blattner’s physician, Dr. Sherman Silber, combined the eggs with sperm from Blattner’s 66-year-old husband to create several embryos. Her husband, John, is Utz’s stepfather, and the two share no DNA. 

Two years ago, Blattner did in vitro fertilization to get pregnant with her son, Charles.  Last year, she used the remaining frozen embryo to get pregnant with baby Erma. 

“Every day, I get up and go into her room and I am just so thankful that I get to have this,” said Blattner, who also has a 12-year-old son with her husband.

Despite concerns that older women can face more pregnancy complications, she had a healthy pregnancy. 

When her blood pressure spiked at 34 weeks gestation, she gave birth early to Erma, who stayed in the hospital for about four weeks learning to eat on her own. 

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The family recently baptized two of Kathy and John Blattner’s children and three grandchildren. The couple also renewed their wedding vows. 

“I wouldn’t have any of this without my wife’s inspiration, motivation, drive,” said John Blattner. “She’s wonderful.”

Kathy Blattner said she wants everyone to know how grateful she is for her family. She also wants women to know they don’t have to give up their dreams of having a baby at most any age. 

“There are people that walk up to us in restaurants here in town, and they’ll say, ‘I know who you are and I think it’s wonderful,” said Kathy Blattner.

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