Pekin woman searches for bone marrow donor


Peoria (WEEK) – Tori Lodge was five days away from moving into college in 2016 when she found out news that changed her life.

Lodge was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

“It’s typically found in boys under the age of nine which definitely wasn’t me,” Lodge said.

Lodge received treatment at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital until her recovery in 2019. Unfortunately in the Spring of 2020 her cancer returned.

“Probably four months later I got a bone marrow transplant and I thought that had worked,” Lodge said.

Her mother was the one who donated bone marrow to Lodge, but that did not work. After that Tori went on a search for a new match.

“April of 2021, I found out that I had relapsed again. So now here I am again, still with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and trying to go for another bone marrow transplant,” Lodge said.

Not too far away from Pekin, Peoria resident Marsha Krone went on an over 200 mile ride with an Be the Match, an organization that finds bone marrow donors.

Krone also has cancer and knows the trails of searching for a donor.

“My cancer I kind of describe like a runaway train, there’s no way to stop it,” Lodge said. “I do it for people like Tori.”

Krone raised $7,500 for Be the Match but the search is never ending.

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