Massive Mess: South End water main repair means months of heavy traffic


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Traffic is backing up for miles on South Boulevard.  Drivers, and even walkers, are facing quite the mess during their commutes.

Poindexter is fully closed at South Boulevard for the next two months, as the city works on a Watermain Improvement Project.  The goal is to replace the water main in South Boulevard between Scaleybark Road and Worthington Avenue.

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Traffic traveling west on Poindexter toward South Boulevard is being directed to Haverford, then Elmhurst.

All of the construction is creating a traffic nightmare for several miles down South Boulevard.  The people who use the busy road to travel say it’s creating quite the mess during their commutes.

“Overall, it’s just a bit of a pain to navigate,” said Jared Elliott, who works in the Southend area.

“It adds a significant amount of time,” said South End Resident Richard Whelan.

Traffic cones and roadblocks are creating chaos for commuters on busy South Boulevard.

“I hate running and walking these streets now,” said Southend Resident Cary Hall Titus.  “It’s really stressful.  People are always yelling and honking.”

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Break lights line the road for miles in the bustling area of Southend, all because Poindexter is now fully closed where it meets South Boulevard.

“Trying to go in toward the city has become a pain driving, and even driving away,” said Whelan.  “Because it’s only one lane now.”

“I work close by and it’s caused a bit of havoc it seems,” said Elliott.  “Especially with the Chick-Fil-A.”

With South Boulevard no longer accessible from Poindexter, drivers are having to take detours to get to their destinations.

“Living across from Harris Teeter was super convenient and part of why I chose this place,” Whelan said.  “And to have to go all around and dodge construction work is a pain.  I go there multiple times a day and I’m like, ‘ugh,’ it just really adds a lot of stress.”

“This is pretty inconvenient,” said Titus.  “I can’t take a left onto South Boulevard anymore, which adds a solid ten minutes any time I am trying to get anywhere.”

“I wish they’d set up some better detours,” Titus added.  “And some alternative routes because right now, it’s on your own to figure out what to do — which is causing even more problems.”

Problems people hope will improve as the city works to complete the project.

“I understand this was kind of inevitable because they needed to fix the waterline,” Titus said.  “But I wish it had been done in a little more organized fashion.”

The closure will be in place for at least the next two months.  For now, people will have to be patient if they plan on traveling near the intersection of South and Poindexter.

For those interested in signing up for traffic alerts on the SWM Project, they can text southendwater to 31996 and visit the project website at


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