BU President addresses vaccine mandate deadline



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PEORIA (WEEK) — Bradley University says its vaccine rate among students is increasing steadily following the adoption of a vaccine mandate for students and staff last month.

In August, the university agreed to comply with Governor JB Pritzker’s vaccine mandate for university students and staff. At the time, Bradley said its vaccination rate among students was around 66 percent and 47 percent among staff.

President Stephen Standifird says the vaccinated student population has been increasing at a constant rate of around four to five percent each week. That puts the vaccination rate currently between 75 and 80 percent, on track for the university’s November 1 deadline.

“Like all organizations, we’ll have some folks that are holdouts,” Standifird said. “One of the things that the November date ends up being important is for our students, you can’t register for next semester if you are not vaccinated. That November 1 date is the deadline that really pushes that.”

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