Interactive map: Who are North Carolina’s top 5 employers by county?


HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — There’s a kind of employer that shows up among the top 5 employers in all 100 counties of North Carolina.

Well, when you remember that the Tar Heel state has more than 2,500 traditional public schools, it should come as no surprise that the answer is education.

The North Carolina Department of Commerce publishes the top 25 public sector and private sector employers in each of the state’s 100 counties. The rankings, based on average employment for the quarter, come out quarterly.

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NCDOC says it gets its data from the Employment and Wages program files, which includes company name, major industry group and a range for the number of employees.

Out of 100 counties, 55 have education services as their top industry. Others include health care and social assistance.

After education, topping lists for 13 counties each, is health and social assistance as well as manufacturing.

Many counties even have more than one education business on their top 5 lists. Guilford County, for example, includes UNC Greensboro as its fourth-largest employer, and Forsyth County includes Wake Forest University as its fifth.

Take a look at our interactive map to see which employers are the largest in your county.


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