Lancaster County grapples with another teacher death due to COVID-19


LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Eleanor Mends. She was a Special Education teacher at South Middle School.

She was also the second teacher to pass away from COVID in the Lancaster County School District this week.

“Family just hold on and just say social distanced, wear your mask and get vaccinated,” says Dennis Hood. 

Encouraging words from a man with two grandchildren at the middle school.

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“I’m scared, kind of scared for ’em… I know they don’t want to go back virtual, that’s what I really want them to do though,” said Hood. 

He says he makes sure his grandchildren are protected as much as possible everywhere. 

“They wear masks every day. Everywhere we go, everywhere we go,” said Hood. 

Even in school, even though the district can’t mandate masks due to the statewide ban.

South Carolina leads the nation in COVID-19 cases by population, CDC data shows

Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Phipps says not being able to enforce the face coverings put the district in a bind. 

“Is it the right decision… I mean the CDC and DHEC says that they need to wear a mask. I mean sometimes we pick and choose parts of DHEC we follow and parts that we don’t based on what our legislatures have told us, that are not doctors,” said Dr. Phipps. 

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