A local teacher discusses how teaches the next generation about 9/11


Peoria (WEEK) – 20 years ago Shawna Beam-Axline was in her classroom teaching when she learned that a plane has crashed into the World Trade Center.

Her current classroom was filled with students that weren’t even born when the towers fell.

“As a history teacher you teach history and try to make the connections but sometimes it’s really hard when the kids haven’t experienced that. With the anniversary being this week there will definitely be discussion,” Beam-Axline said.

Beam-Axline taught sociology and American government at Peoria High School. She said students just saw it as another historical event they did not experience.

“They understand the importance of it, but as the same time not having that personal reference. They don’t have the feeling of it like the rest of the adults in the building do,” Beam-Axline said.

Students had many questions about what happened next.

“The aftermath of it definitely comes up more,” Beam-Axline said “More discussions have come up in the most recent few weeks because of the events unfolding in Afghanistan. We watch the news daily and we see the reports.”

Students all over the country would have learned about 9/11 that week, some for the very first time. Shawna said her task for teaching that lesson was a personal one.

“For those of us who lived through it, we try to make it as real as we can,” Beam-Axline said.

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