KCSO releases body-cam footage of Wasco shooting that killed deputy, 4 others


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Footage from multiple body cameras that captured a fierce gun battle between SWAT members and a man who authorities say fatally shot three family members and Deputy Phillip Campas was released on Thursday.

This image captures the moment when Jose Ramirez first fired at deputies, according to sheriff’s officials.

The 14-minute video also contains audio from multiple 911 calls, including one made by the gunman Jose Manuel Ramirez Jr., who sheriff’s officials say fatally shot Deputy Phillip Campas and wounded other deputies. Ramirez was later shot dead after climbing to the roof of his Wasco home.

One chilling moment was captured by a neighbor’s surveillance camera. It shows Ramirez chasing one of his sons through a yard then pointed a gun at the back of his son’s head. The video is edited at that point; sheriff’s officials say the son was shot immediately afterward.

The shooting, one of the deadliest in Kern County history, took the lives of Campas, 35, Viviana Ramirez, 42, Jose Ramirez, 24, Angel Ramirez, 17, and Jose Ramirez, 41.

Viviana was the partner of Jose Ramirez, and Jose and Angel their sons.

The deputies who fired their weapons were found by a review board to have acted within department policy, sheriff’s officials said.

About 1 p.m. on July 25, multiple 911 calls came in about a man shooting people inside a home at 1718 1st Street.

“I need someone really quick,” one caller told a dispatcher. “There’s someone with a gun in the house.”

“It’s the dad,” the caller says, her voice rising. “He has a gun and he’s shooting.”

Deputies arrived five minutes later and were immediately shot at from inside the home. Officials freeze the video for several seconds at the moment the first shot is fired. The deputy whose camera captured the shot then scrambles for cover.

The deputies weren’t hit. They set up a perimeter and requested the SWAT team.

Viviana and the two sons had already been killed at that point, but that wasn’t learned until later, sheriff’s officials said.

An armored vehicle and SWAT deputies surrounded the area by 2:07 p.m., according to the video.

As SWAT deputies took up position, multiple 911 calls came from inside the residence, officials said.

In one, a man who identifies himself as “Jose” requests an ambulance at 1718 1st St. “because my son is on the floor,” according to audio contained in the footage. “He got shot.”

The dispatcher asks who shot him.

“I don’t know,” Jose responds. Speaking in a whisper, he continues to ask for paramedics.

He hangs up but calls back and again asks for an ambulance. He says someone else is in the house, and denies drinking or doing drugs.

“No, no, I haven’t been doing nothing,” he says. Then he again asks for an ambulance.

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