AMC Theaters unveils $25 million plan to convince people to return to movie theaters


LEAWOOD, Kan. — AMC theaters is known for its offerings on the big screen. The company said it’s turning to the small screen to convince people to return to movie theaters.

The Leawood, Kansas-based company bought into a new $25 million advertising plan. It will target people watching network TV and find movie fans on their social media accounts.

AMC said it’s the first time in its 101-year history that it’s invested in a campaign like this one.

“As we have said repeatedly of late, thanks to the billions of dollars we have raised this year, AMC is strong, and it is time for AMC to play on offense again,” Adam Aron, Chairman and CEO of AMC, said. “This first-of-its-kind $25+ million national advertising campaign will reinforce what movie lovers in the United States and around the world know to be true, that at AMC Theatres ‘We Make Movies Better.’”

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Just like the best movies, these ads also feature star talent. Nicole Kidman is the face of the campaign, while Jeff Cronenweth and Tim Cronenweth directed the ads. The commercials were written by Billy Ray and filmed at one of AMC’s newest theaters in Los Angeles.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. — the world’s largest theater operator — to close all of its roughly 1,000 locations in 2020. The locations were closed for months and forced the company to furlough employees. AMC announced a loss of more than $4.5 billion during that time.

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While theaters were closed for three months, AMC said it invested millions of dollars in high tech solutions to purifying theaters. The company installed electrostatic sprayers, HEPA vacuums, MERV 13 ventilation air filters and took other precautions to make theaters as safe as they said they could.


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