Police arrest 3 Saturday in chases involving motorcycle group numbering in the hundreds


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Motorcycle “takeover” events in the city have posed a tricky, ongoing problem for police.

Hosted by a local club with a history of criminal activity, the events draw hundreds, block streets and have involved assaults, robberies and reckless driving, police said.

Officers on Saturday learned of another takeover event taking place and went after participants. In one instance, a rider who turned around to make obscene gestures at police crashed and caused a pileup involving eight to 10 motorcycles, police said.

Police impounded a motorcycle associated with the group in the 7500 block of Granite Hills Street, south of Panama Lane and west of Highway 99.

Officers tried to stop another rider in southeast Bakersfield, but that person escaped after abandoning a quad in the area of Cottonwood Road and Feliz Drive. A crowd numbering in the hundreds confronted officers and became unruly as officers impounded a quad registered to the city of Arroyo Grande, police said.

In another related incident, police chased a man who abandoned his bike in the area of Union Avenue and Columbus Street. They caught Andrew Wade, 27, of Sacramento and arrested him on suspicion of resisting arrest and an unrelated parole violation warrant, police said. An officer suffered minor injuries.

Another group of riders, numbering about 100, failed to stop for officers in the area of Brundage lane and P Street and sped along both sides of the roadway, sidewalk and median, police said.

While traveling south on Wible Road, one rider turned around and made obscene gestures to police. He lost control and hit a traffic detour sign, causing a pileup, police said.

Daniel Hernandez, 20, and Brad Russell, 32, both of Bakersfield, were arrested on suspicion of felony evading and conspiracy, police said. Four bikes were impounded.

Anyone with knowledge of these incidents or those involved is asked to call the Bakersfield Police Department at 661-327-7111.


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