‘I don’t even have time to mourn’: Kansas City family dealing with passing of three family members within weeks


Tragedy is striking a Kansas City family.

Family home left unlivable after drunk driver crashes through, family left uninjured

Not only is the Cortez family dealing with the loss of one loved one, but three members of their family passed within weeks of each other.

“It’s overwhelming,” Leticia Cortez, a family member, said. “I don’t even have time to mourn.”

“That loss for all of the kids, all of his cousins, his brothers, his sisters that’s nothing that will be able to go away,” Christina Cortez, a family member, said.

The close-knit family full of love and laughter is short three family members for the upcoming holidays.

“Take care of each other up there and they know we love them,” Leticia Cortez said.

On August 5th, 15-year-old Angel Cortez, was shot and killed.

He is Christina’s nephew.

“And so, my brother had to take him off life support,” Christina Cortez, said. “He was just kind and positive and he was a great kid.”

But the loss of Angel was just the beginning of a nightmare for the Cortez family.

A few weeks later 63-year-old Loretta Cortez and 45-year-old Sarah Cortez died.

Sarah was battling stage four cervical cancer and Loretta had a long fight with diabetes, dementia, and other health issues.

Sarah is Leticia’s sister and Loretta is her mom.

Now this family is hoping they’re community can help them give their loved ones a proper goodbye.

“We’re struggling because we have so many deaths in one week,” said Leticia Cortez. “Three deaths are a lot.”

The family raised a GoFundMe in hopes people will donate.

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