Cirque Italia makes a splash in Peoria


Peoria (WEEK) – Cirque Italia had a traveling act that started in 2012. They incorporated water in what they called an ‘aquatic spectacular’.

Cirque Italia said they are the first traveling water show in American.

The stage was designed to hold thirty-five thousand galloons of water. The water splashed and decorated the acts. But the water wasn’t the only unique factor of the show. It also featured European style performances.

“What sets us a part from other circuses. It has a European style,” Bogdon Midi, the ticket office operator said. “It’s something like the Bellagio. Like what you would see in Vegas. It has like a more intimate atmosphere.”

The two hour long show was filled with several different types of entertainment. Including lights, ropes, flips, trapezes, even BMX bikes.

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