Some Lancaster County residents against plans for new grocery store due to heavy traffic


LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Lancaster County is growing. New developments are popping up everywhere. A new apartment complex with more than 700 units and grocery store could start construction right off HWY 521. 

But one man told FOX 46 he didn’t mind the new developments, it’s the extra traffic he’s worried about.

“The sheer amount people that are put into such a small area and then the traffic is not done. The improvements don’t keep up with it, the infrastructure is just not keeping up,” resident William Legge said. 

It could get worse if a new 130-acre project called, ‘The Exchange’ gets the county’s approval. 720 apartments and townhomes could be built off HWY 521 and further impact traffic flow.

Legge hopes the council says no.

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“Rush hour coming home is just every stop light, sometimes you have to sit through them more than once. The one at Marvin Road which is just before where this development is proposed is one of the worst,” he said. 

Legge looked over the traffic impact analysis and still wasn’t sold on the placement of the project.

“They just wanted to put in turn lanes and a stop light for this place and that’s just going to contribute to the problem even more,” he said. 

Legge said the traffic in and out of Lancaster would be a nightmare with this development if the county doesn’t fix the traffic flow.

“There’s only one North-South road, there’s no kind of bypass. Basically, any traffic going north to Charlotte or south to Lancaster has to hit 521 there’s no alternative route,” he said. 

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There’s also a plan to add a four retail spaces and grocery store in The Exchange..

“We already have seven grocery stores in the area if you count Walmart as a grocery store. I don’t really think we need another grocery store, but you know, it would be alright,” he said

Legge isn’t opposed to the new development but he would like the council to make sure developments work for the traffic.

The planning commission voted no to this project. It’s awaiting a vote from the council on at their next meeting.

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