Mooresville residents waiting to return home after car strikes apartment building


MOORESVILLE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Several tenants of Colonial Ridge Apartments in Mooresville are displaced after a car struck building 106 last week. Multiple residents say despite numerous calls to the property manager, Wynnefield Properties corporate office, and even the Housing Authority, they don’t know when they’ll be allowed to return home.

The crash happened on Sept. 26 around 2 a.m. when a 15-year-old female fled from police, eventually striking the building. The Iredell County Inspections Department deemed the building unsafe to live in and requested a structural engineer to inspect and evaluate the damage.

“Since damage is in the path of egress, damage to the backflow, sprinkler system and water supply are not operating. There should be no occupancy in the building” the report said.

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Tenants say they were given hours to pack all their things, and several say they had nowhere to go.

“We packed up our stuff and we’ve been staying at a hotel for the last week,” said Colonial Ridge resident Jamie Juska. “It’s been very pricey.”

In addition to the stress of not knowing when they can return home, several tenants say they are frustrated with what they deem to be a lack of communication from the property managers.

“It’s funny that everybody’s trying to contact this corporate office and nobody’s getting through,” said tenant Taura Jones. “It’s just the point of they’re taking their time. They’re not reaching back out to say anything.”

Craig Stone, President of Wynnefield Properties, told FOX 46 his company has contacted every resident in building 106. He says they are currently working with the county to schedule more inspections, and are waiting on building materials to repair the outside of the structure. As far as offering any rent compensation, Stone said he did not know if Wynnefield Properties would be able to accommodate that.

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In the tenant’s rent agreement, it says the landlords are not responsible for any costs incurred as a result of property damage, and the tenants’ lease obligations “shall continue, provided the repairs are performed in a reasonable amount of time.”

“I came over here in front of the apartments just to see if anybody is working. No one is here,” said Jones.

FOX 46 spent the day at Colonial Ridge on Friday and also did not see anyone working on repairs.

“We basically want some type of compensation for the fact that we are having to pay other people to live other places,” said Jones.

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