CDC asking unvaccinated people to stay home this Labor Day weekend


KANSAS CITY, Mo.– Lots of people have travel plans this holiday weekend but with the Delta variant spreading, the CDC is urging unvaccinated people to stay home.

Dr. Steve Stites, chief medical officer at the University of Kansas Health System said the rate of disease transmission is higher this year than this same time last year.

If you are not fully vaccinated and decide to travel anyway, the CDC recommends you get tested before you leave, tested when you return and self-quarantine for seven days.

“I think the rules are more important today than they were a year ago,” Stites said.

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COVID-19 cases continue to rise locally and nationally, travelers tell FOX4 they are not discouraged.

“I think people are excited one way or the other to get out, you know? And start enjoying life again,” said Kenneth Cleveland.

“My first time getting on a plane,” said Kelsie Gerster. “I came from Panama City where we were on vacation, it was pretty fun.”

But not everyone is comfortable with travel crowds, Tenea Cagler, traveling to Kansas City from California says she was only traveling to the metro because of her aunt’s funeral.

“There were no seats available, it was pretty packed. If I didn’t have to fly, definitely wouldn’t have been under those circumstances,” Cagler said. “You’re so close to people, it’s not a comfortable situation.”

Even those who are vaccinated are urged to take precautions while traveling.

When it comes to public gatherings indoors, everyone should wear a mask unless outside with others who are fully vaccinated.

According to AAA driving has been the trend during holiday weekends this year.

Travel numbers aren’t predicted to reach this year’s Memorial Day or Fourth of July stats.

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