‘Don’t shoot my babies’: Missouri grandmother robbed at gunpoint for go-kart


ST. LOUIS – Three kids and their grandmother had their Go-Kart stolen from them at gunpoint now speak out about the harrowing experience. An afternoon playing with their Christmas gift in a nearby lot yesterday quickly turned into a frightening experience for siblings Neno, 9, King, 6, and Jiselle, 4.

Esther, their grandmother, recounts how the man got out of a car and came up to her and the kids, mask on, and revealed a gun.

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“All I said was please don’t shoot my babies, don’t shoot my babies,” Esther said. “He had an evil face, from the portion I could see. He was evil like he did it before. He meant business, he would have shot.”

She said that’s when he approached King who was behind the driver’s seat.

“He said do y’all want to sell this? And then my granny said no and then he pointed the gun at me,” King said.

The man got into the go-kart and sped away.

Esther didn’t hear anything until the man was arrested hours later after a chase with police where he crashed in between two homes in north city.

“I tried to stop him. I was going to stop him but he was pointing a gun at me going down the alleyway. I jumped in my vehicle and followed him for a minute but he was too fast,” neighbor, Gregory Thomas said.

“It’s been traumatic since ’18,” Esther said. “Their dad was killed in 2018. That’s an unsolved murder. I lost my daughter in June so it’s been rough.”

Thomas said, “She’s a real good neighbor, she cuts this field over here for nothing.”

“It’s traumatizing. I will never be the same. A guy was walking up on me today and I was nervous like what are you going to do?”

The go-kart was returned with only a few scratches but the damage is done for the kids.

“Just keep praying for us, just keep praying for us,” Esther said.

A family trying to move forward after a disturbing and terrifying encounter. The whole family is ok and sustained no injuries.

The robbery is currently under investigation. No word on any charges.


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